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    why we do what we do


    We must regain trust in today’s experts and evidence. We do this by not only sharing the interesting, exciting and relevant science stories of scientists and engineers, but also       


    We must inspire and celebrate the next generation of scientists and engineers. They’ll be the ones clearing up our mess, and they’ve already got some incredible, practical

    suggestions for how to help.

    If you feel the same we’d love to work together.

    Whether you’re a scientific institution, charity, research group or brand get in touch to discuss how we could help you write, produce or share your STEM story.
    (*from the challenges of food & water insecurity, continued climate change, & decreasing vaccination rates, to the increasing rise of misinformation and ‘fake news’ around scientific stories and ideas)

    we do
    what we do
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    who we are

    The is headed up by Science Broadcaster, YouTuber, & Podcaster Greg Foot. Greg writes, hosts & produces content for BBC Radio 4, the UK Space Agency, Raspberry Pi, BBC Earth, The Royal Society, Cambridge University Museums, and many more clients worldwide.

    The team working on your project will be chosen from a wide network of talented writers, video & audio producers, animators, demo developers & builders, and fantastic camera ops & editors.

    We also have strong connections with ‘influencers’ in the science, technology, engineering and maths spaces - from top tier educational YouTubers to well-known BBC TV Presenters.


    say hi

    Thanks, we'll get back to you soon!

    If you’re a brand, charity, research group or scientific institution, and you'd like help to write, produce or share your science story on YouTube, on podcast, or on stage - or you'd like some expert science communication training - drop us a message:
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