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    TED Ed
    ted ed logo.jpg
    ‘How to biohack your cells to fight cancer’
    TED Ed & UCL
    An absolutely stunning animated YouTube video explaining a new cancer treatment (CAR T Cell therapy).
    Rather than the standard, clinical, emotionless 3D graphics used in many biomedical videos, we created an immersive, manga-inspired, cyber-punk world of biohacking.
    We approached TED Ed to see if they would be interested in publishing it, they were incredibly impressed and decided to upload it - the first externally produced video TED Ed have taken.
    It currently has over 500k views and very positive comments.
    Commissioned by NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre.

    on YouTube

    'Explained with LEGO bricks’
    A series of 10 YouTube videos answering children’s curious questions using humorous LEGO stop-frame animations and presenter-led studio segments featuring bespoke LEGO brick builds.

    Presented by BAFTA winning presenter Maddie Moate, episodes include 'how does a rollercoaster work?', 'how does a plane fly?’, ‘how do volcanoes erupt?’, & 'how do fireworks work?’
    'Live Mission Briefing: James Webb Space Telescope'
    UK Space Agency / STFC / Webb UK
    We wrote, produced & directed this live, interactive, family YouTube show for the UK Space Agency, the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and Webb UK.

    During the live one-hour show host Greg Foot explained what Webb is and what it will do. It was broadcast live from a temporary studio set-up at the UK's National Space Laboratory (RAL Space), with special guests including the Astronomer Royal For Scotland (live from The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh), scientists & engineers who built 'Webb' and get to use it while it's in space, and TV Presenter & YouTuber Maddie Moate.
    'The Mystery Of The Moonflower with Maddie & Greg'
    University Of Cambridge Museums & Botanic Garden
    We wrote, produced & directed this ambitious, live, online, interactive family adventure from the Cambridge University Botanic Garden Glasshouses… in the dark!

    Using a mobile camera rig sending signal back to a temporary studio in the glasshouse offices we broadcast an escape-room style one hour live show from inside the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

    The show was hosted by Maddie Moate & Greg Foot, was watched live by over 1,400 families, and there were more than 18,000 live chat interactions.

    ted ed logo.jpg
    ‘Should you donate your DNA to help cure disease?’
    TED Ed & UCL
    Another stunning animated YouTube video commissioned by NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre and published on TED Ed.
    This animation is a mixed media piece that explainsnhow scientists are using crowdsourced DNA to find the causes of untreatable diseases, and developing new drug treatments for them.
    It currently has over 150k views.
    bbc two.png
    'Cunk On Earth'
    House Of Tomorrow - BBC Two
    We researched and scripted a full 30 minute documentary for Charlie Brooker and the House Of Tomorrow team to use for an upcoming science & technology series featuring Philomena Cunk. 
    (Yes ok this is technically not YouTube but it's a modern twist on traditional TV content so is very up our street!)
    bbc two.png
    LOGO cream on blue_edited.png
    ‘Talking Science: An Introduction To Science Communication’
    Google & Greg Foot
    The first ever YouTube Course on Science Communication, supported by Google.
    A 10 part YouTube series written & produced by and hosted by internationally renowned Science Broadcaster Greg Foot.
    The course teaches scientists and other science communicators how to talk with the public about anything from the world of science, technology, engineering & maths (STEM).

    Nekton white on black.png
    ‘Dive into the Deep Dark Ocean in a High-Tech Submersible!’
    Following his hosting & video production work as the Onboard Science Reporter on a scientific research mission diving into the deep ocean around Bermuda, Greg Foot turned to the to edit a longer video of his dive to 1000ft.
    The 14 minute video went viral and now has over 5 million views.
    ‘Everest Lab'
    Xtreme Everest
    We joined Xtreme Everest 2 - a team of intensive care doctors, nurses and scientists on a trek  to their highest pop-up lab in the world, up in the cold, thin air of the Himalayas. We produced a video for the Guardian & Royal Institution, and a news report for Newsround
    YouTube Course
    Cunk On Earth
    Xtreme Everest
    Botanic Garden
    Webb UK

    on podcast

    iHeart radio logo.jpeg
    Surprisingly Brilliant
    Seeker & iHeart Radio
    We developed, wrote & recorded the pilot for a new science & history podcast for Seeker - a US digital science & tech brand, and iHeart Radio - a big radio station across the US. The podcast was commissioned (yay!) and we continue to provide production support with writing & editing.
    The podcast was commissioned with Science Media Studio Director Greg Foot writing and hosting the show alongside Maren Hunsberger. The series now has over 30 episodes which each tell a little-known story about a lesser-known person or idea from science history. To listen just search for 'Surprisingly Brilliant' wherever you get your podcasts.

    Click the logo to open the podcast in Spotify. For Apple Podcasts click here.

    Surprisingly Brilliant from Seeker - LOG
    The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread_ with
    The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?
    (now a returning BBC Radio 4 series)
    We produced two episodes of this podcast before it was snapped up by BBC Radio 4 & BBC Sounds.'s Creative Director Greg Foot continues to write & host it for BBC Radio 4 and the extended podcasts did very well, with one of the episodes reaching #5 in the main iTunes chart!

    The podcast investigates the bold claims being made by promising products. We continue to provide production support.

    Sliced Bread logo.png
    click the logo to listen to the
    extended podcasts
    Which LOGO low res.png
    Which? Investigates
    We helped develop, write & produce a two season podcast from consumer group Which?. Series 1 of 'Which? Investigates' looked into claims of 'sustainability' & Season 2 investigated people's concerns over tech & security. The podcast reached & stayed at #1 in Apple's Documentaries chart for multiple weeks.
    Click the logo to open the podcast in Spotify. For Apple Podcasts click here.

    Which_ Investigates LOGO.JPG
    Surprisingly Brilliant
    Sliced Bread

    on Stage

    Nekton white on black.png
    ‘Deep Ocean Lab'
    After spending time with Nekton's research team on their research vessel, diving into the deep ocean off the coast of Bermuda, we wrote an engaging, multi-media, interactive talk that tells the story of the team's scientific adventure.
    Greg Foot - on stage - Deep Ocean Lab -
    The talk has now been delivered to over 10,000 children & adults at schools, festivals and events up and down the UK and in various countries around the world and gets fantastic feedback.
    YouTube Space London.png
    ‘Back to school science fun' hands-on workshop
    YouTube Space London
    We provided an evening of  hands-on science demos for Creator at YouTube Space London which included launching rockets, creating lightsabers, making liquid nitrogen icecream, making sparks fly and human-size bubbles!
    9th Sep 2019 - Coworking Science activat
    9th Sep 2019 - Coworking Science activat
    ‘Everest Lab'
    Xtreme Everest
    After trekking up into the cold, thin air at Everest Base Camp to spend time with the medics & doctors conducting cutting-edge research, we wrote a live show that brought their research to life. The talk incorporates stunning video taken during our scientific adventure and interactive experiments that demonstrate key ideas.
    The talk has now been delivered to over 10,000 children & adults at schools, festivals and events up and down the UK and in various countries around the world and gets fantastic feedback.
    Greg Foot in Summit Suit in Saudi Arabia
    Nekton Stage
    Xtreme Everest Stage
    YouTube Space

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